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This Game Bites

| Romantic | December 10, 2015

(While I can be frank to the point of awkwardness, I don’t open up easily about intimate matters to my friends. I’m playing mahjong with my boyfriend and two friends of ours. Friend #1 hesitates about a discard I might win on, and Friend #2 gets impatient.)

Friend #2: “Come on, cast it. [My Name] doesn’t bite.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, she does bite. Just not in public.”

(I freeze and both friends snicker.)

Friend #2: *laughing* “We do not need to know that, man.”

Boyfriend: *innocently* “What?” *realization dawns on him* “No, no, I meant the way she speaks her mind—”

Friend #1: “Stop right there. Now.”