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This Fiesta Came To A Crashing Halt

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I’m shopping in this family-run record store. The sweet old guy who normally runs it is in hospital. While the service sucks now, I still try to make the effort to go there first before shopping online.

No sooner do I step in the store than I get barged forcefully to one side by a guy running with armfuls of CDs. I turn to see him get into a waiting car and crash his way out of the car park.

I’m pretty shocked to see the member of staff on duty not even looking up.

Me: “That guy just hit me and ran out the store. I’m guessing he stole all those CDs.”

The worker stares at me blankly.

Me: “You’re not going to call the police or ask me for his licence plate?”

Worker: “They don’t pay me to care.”

Me: “Wow. Well, I doubt the owner of that Fiesta shares your sentiment.”

Worker: “What?!”

He ran outside — just short of pushing me out of the way, too! The thief had hit the corner of his car. It looked pretty bad; the wheel was bent at a weird angle. The worker wouldn’t be driving that car any time soon.

Suddenly, he wanted to hear what I had to say, and as tempted as I was to tell him that he didn’t pay me to care, I told him to call the police and figure out what was missing (several times) if he wanted me to make a statement.

The old guy who runs the shop got out of hospital and made a full recovery. The worker was his nephew, and he nearly ran the place into the ground. The store slowly got back to where it had been before when people heard the old guy was back running the store.

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