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This Experience Changes People

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I am working the cash registers one day. It is quite a hectic one, but manageable. In comes a family.

Their purchase is slightly above 100€. I tell them the price and the father/husband… puts a plastic bag full of coins on the counter. “That’s 80€,” he says.

Obviously, I have to check that, so I begin counting, making stacks of coins worth 10€. Fortunately, it is 2€, 1€, and 50c pieces so not a complete pain in the a** to count. After a few minutes, I confirm that there are indeed 80€. Meanwhile, he adds a few more coins and a 5€ note, so now the amount is enough.

I have just spent what feels like ten minutes counting coins, while there were around five other guys waiting to pay for their stuff. I look up to the guy to hand him his receipt and what do I see in his hand? A 100€ NOTE!

Thankfully, the other customers have a good laugh and tell me that they are going to pay by card or have the amount in reasonable quantities of coins.

Pretty much everyone I’ve told this story to told me that I could’ve/should’ve refused to take the coins, but I don’t know if I was actually allowed to do that. Also, my register was now full of coins when I was previously on the verge of opening a new coin roll, so I guess I have to thank that guy.

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