This Excuse Does Not Work Outside Of Australia

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(I am going to visit a friend, driving along the motorway, and I notice a dead kangaroo with a ute stopped just beyond it. I only really notice it because the traffic has slowed down at that area due to a tow truck manoeuvring to pick up the ute. Later, at my friend’s house, her husband comes in from work and greets me.)

Husband: “How was the drive? Did you have any problems with the kangaroos?”

Me: “No, but there were quite a few dead ones up near [Area].”

Husband: “Really? [Area]? You didn’t happen to notice a white ute stopped along on the way, did you?”

Me: “Actually, yes. It looked like it had hit a kangaroo and was about to get towed. Why?”

Husband: “Two of our apprentices called in this morning saying they’d hit a kangaroo, and my boss didn’t believe them; he thought they were just trying to get a day off. He wanted me to get proof from them; you’ve just provided it!”

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