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This Employee Needs To Be Recalled

, , , , , | Working | September 9, 2021

With not a great deal of money, but a noticeably empty flat, I “umm” and “ahh” for weeks before picking out a really nice, if a bit pricey, lamp. Annoyingly, I find out it is recalled the following week; worse is that they cannot replace it with anything similar, only refund it.

I go down to the store and signs are everywhere — on the doors, hanging from signs, etc. It must be a pretty important recall for this bad publicity.

I get to the customer service counter.

Me: “I need to return this lamp; it’s part of the product recall.”

Worker: “Product recall? Well, do you have a receipt?”

Me: “No, I didn’t think I needed one.”

Worker: “No receipt, no refund.”

I know this isn’t true; recalls never normally need it. Then, it occurs to me.

Me: “Your signs clearly state otherwise.”

Worker: “Sorry, there is nothing I can do.”

Me: “You’re telling me you’re refusing to refund a faulty product, despite every sign in the place saying otherwise?”

Worker: *Scoffs* “What signs?”

Me: “Like the two behind you.”

I gesture to two large signs with a picture of the lamp in red letters instructing customers to return them. At the bottom, the signs say, “No receipt needed. Please bring the card used to purchase.”

Worker: “Hmm. I will have to call a manager.”

He disappeared for a long time before a manager returns and processes the refund immediately, apologising. I wonder how the worker was so unaware of everything around him.