This Employee Is The Bees’ Knees

, , , | Working | July 21, 2016

(I have taken my four-year-old son to the zoo so that we can have a nice day out while my fiancé is at work. I have issues with my knees. I have to wear my knee compression sleeves to cope with the pain. While I normally wear jeans in order to hide them, it’s hot enough out that I end up in shorts. I tend to be pretty self-conscious about the compression sleeves, especially being 26 and having self-image issues. I decide to buy tickets so that we can ride the train around the zoo, as it is my son’s favorite thing to do there. It should be noted that the employee running the train is a young woman probably a good three or four years younger than me.)

Employee: *smiles as she takes the tickets* “Just so you know, you are really rocking that look! And your little boy is super cute, too!”

Me: *stunned and pauses for a moment* “Thank you.”

Employee: *smiles again* “You know, you are the only two at the station so instead of making you wait for more passengers, you two get the train all to yourselves today. I hope you enjoy the ride.”

(True to her word, once we got on the train, she started the ride and gave us our own personal tour of the zoo even adding in more information that they normally don’t give. To the young woman that went out of her way not only to compliment me on a day where I felt like absolute s***, but to also take the time to interact with my son and me more than her job calls for, you are amazing and I hope that you are there the next time we go to ride the train! My son and I had a blast the entire time we were there.)

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