This Employee Is Out Of Line

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Working | January 2, 2013

(It’s the holidays, and I’m a female customer standing in a very long line to purchase a PC game. While waiting, I look at a display of Nintendo games. Behind me in line are two 20-something year-old male customers. Suddenly, these two customers shove me out of the line, sending me crashing into a display of game controllers.)

Male Customer #1: “Geez, get out of the way if you’re just gonna gawk at garbage games!”

Male Customer #2: “Stupid girl gamers and their Nintendo.”

(Overhearing this, a cashier proceeds to push his way through the crowd to where we are in the line.)

Cashier: “Hey, what’s going on back there?”

Me: “These guys just shoved me out of the line!”

Cashier: *to the two male customers* “I don’t have time for this. Get out!”

(He then grabs the games the two male customers were planning to purchase, pulls them out of their hands before he pushes them through the crowd to the exit. I stand up and resume my place in line.)

Cashier: *to me* “You, no cuts. Back of the line!”

Me: “What? But I was already at this spot in line before they pushed me—”

Cashier: “Did you not hear me say I don’t have time to deal with s*** from idiots like you and those two friends of yours? Back of the line, or out!”

(Suddenly, a little boy at the back of the line speaks up.)

Little Boy: “Miss! You can go ahead of me since you were already waiting.”

(Hearing this, another man in front of the little boy also speaks up.)

Man: “You can go ahead of me as well!”

(Every single customer in line proceeds to insist that I go ahead of them, including those who were originally ahead of me. I end up right at the counter, placing my purchase in front of the same cashier who tried to send me to the back.)

Cashier: “Look, lady, you can’t just—”

Me: “How about you just scan this through? It’s a busy season and I’m pretty sure neither of us has time for this.”

(He falls silent and quickly scans my purchase when I hear a familiar voice at the back of the line.)

Little Boy: “Ha!”

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