This Employee Is A Fish Out Of Water

| Boston, MA, USA | Working | January 21, 2013

(I am going through American customs at the airport between a flight from Iceland and a flight to Montréal. I have food and alcohol which I had bought in Keflavik to bring back home, including salmon paste and hákarl, which is raw, fermented toxic shark. Both are Icelandic delicacies.)

Customs Agent: “So, you wrote down on your declaration card that you had food. Is this it?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customs Agent: “What’s this? Saaaal-mon… what’s sal-mon?”

Me: “…It’s a fish species.”

Customs Agent: “Oh. So you eat this?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customs Agent: “Never heard of it. Okay. And this is shark? Now, I know what a shark is… have a great day, ma’am!”

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