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This Doesn’t Make Sense! Or Pence!

, , , , , , , | Working | August 19, 2020

I had just finished work and was filling up my car at the nearby petrol station. Having filled up, I went into the shop. I grabbed a chocolate bar and proceeded to give it to the cashier to begin my transaction. With the petrol and chocolate bar, the total came to £40.14.

I gave the cashier two £20 notes and 40 pence, made up of a 10 pence and 4 pence — two pence coins.

The cashier took the money and tried to give me £1.00 change.

I explained that I didn’t need the change as I had given the total amount and thus no change was needed.

Three times I went round in a circle trying to explain basic maths to a cashier. She just couldn’t seem to grasp it.

In the end, the cashier put the change back in the till but looked very confused. Perhaps I should have just taken the extra £1.00, but I don’t like to be dishonest. I just couldn’t understand why the cashier did not understand basic maths.

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