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This Dinosaur Needs To Get With The Times

, , , , , | Related | April 16, 2021

My husband and I have the only granddaughter and great-granddaughter on his side of the family. Because of this, his mom and grandma try to treat her like a princess with frilly and girly stuff. She loves pink but she also loves cars, dinosaurs, and playing rough with her male cousins. One summer, my husband’s grandma is visiting and watching our daughter playing with dinosaurs.

Grandma: “Brave of you to let her play with dinosaurs.”

Me: “Uh, why?”

Grandma: “I’m just surprised you allow her to play with things like cars and dinosaurs. She’s a girl. She should be playing with girl toys.”

Me: “What exactly are ‘girl’ toys? Dinosaurs are awesome. They’re for everyone. Not just boys.”

She said she’d be speaking with my husband about it later. He just laughed at her and told her the same response I had. She was not pleased.