This Digital World Is Leaving Him Behind

, , , , | Working | March 27, 2019

(I work as an unloader in a supercenter, and occasionally we pull palletized trucks to the coolers for another team to break down and run. Recently, we got a new hire, and since I have been there the longest, I end up training all the fresh meat. The kid, a high school student, is not the sharpest and quickly earns a reputation for being the most idiotic and lazy employee. It gets to the point that if someone else is being lazy we tell them that they are being a piece of [New Kid] as an insult. It is during the pulling of a frozen dairy truck that I finally lose all hope in him ever being a useful individual, not just at work but in everyday life. I put one pallet into the freezer and wait to remind the new kid that he must check the temperature and pull the thermometer.)

Me: “[New Kid], don’t forget the temp, okay? It has to be below 10°.”

(There is a long pause.)

New Kid: “Uh… Hey, [My Name], can you come here?”

(I enter the freezer to see him staring blankly at the pallet, open-mouthed and dead-eyed.)

New Kid: “I don’t know how to read this.”

(He’s just staring at the back of a digital thermometer where it would clip into the board.)

Me: *internally screaming* “Here.”

(I flipped around the thermometer to reveal a digital -2° and just walked out, leaving a piece of my soul behind.)

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