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This Customer Portions Out The Good And The Bad

, , , | Right | August 7, 2020

At our ice cream shop, we have a marble stone where we mix toppings into plain ice cream. Depending on the degree of toppings and the type of ice cream, the process can soften the ice cream some. My coworker is assisting a customer when the following incident occurs.

Customer: “No! What are you doing? Just put it on the stone!”

Being a manager, I intervene.

Me: “Hello, ma’am, is everything okay?”

Customer: “She’s squishing my ice cream up before she puts it on the stone!”

Puzzled, I glance at my coworker, who is simply portioning two flavors before she brings them to the stone for mixing.

Me: “Oh, no, ma’am, she’s just portioning—”

Customer: “It doesn’t matter. I just want the ice cream to go on the stone.”

I take over from here. I grab the spades to pull her ice cream.

Customer: “Make sure those are dry!”

As we keep them in water to prevent ice cream from sticking and making it impossible to mix, I’m hesitant to oblige but do so, shaking the spades off considerably before moving to pull her ice cream again.

Customer: “Can you dry them off completely?”

Me: *Pause* “Sure thing, ma’am.”

I take some paper towels and wipe them off before finally proceeding to pull her ice cream. At this point, there is a line to the door. I barely mix her ice cream per her indications, and I’m putting it into a larger cup so that it’s not a nuisance for her to eat.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m going to pop this into a bigger—”

Customer: “I ordered a small!”

Me: “—cup so that it won’t be too messy for you. Enjoy.”

We get to the register and she actually does tip us. Lo and behold, however, she leaves her cell phone behind. When she comes back to retrieve it, we’ve placed it in the safe for her.

Customer: “Did I leave my cell phone here?”

Me: “I believe so. Let me check for you.”

Customer: “I guess that’s what I deserve for being so rude.”

Me: “Oh, it’s all right; here’s your phone, ma’am!”

She actually continued to be a dedicated customer. She still has the same expectations each time she comes in, but she always tips! As someone who has always worked in customer service, a little humility goes a long way, and I’d much rather be appreciated and acknowledged for going above-and-beyond than get fed up with a demanding customer.

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