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This Customer Is The Creamer Of The Crop

, , , | Working | September 9, 2021

I start working at the convention centre part of a classy hotel. I get shown where everything is stored: sugar, coffee, etc. — everything I could need to satisfy our guests. It’s my second day when a guest approaches me.

Guest: “Could you bring me some coffee creamer?”

Me: “I will get it right away.”

That isn’t a common question because we put fresh and cooled milk out next to the coffee, but I remember that we have a few packs. I grab one from our storage and bring it to him.

Guest: “Thank you.”

Me: “Is there any other way I can help you?”

Guest: “That is all, thank you.”

I turn around to finish some stuff at the back office when he calls to me.

Guest: “Could you come back for a moment? I think something is wrong with the cream.”

I walk back and he shows me the package. The cream has turned into butter.

Me: “Oh, sorry, sir. I will get you another one.”

I grab another and give it to him, and once more when he turns it around to pour it in his coffee, nothing. We both have the idea to check the minimum durability date on the package. It’s a few months over.

Me: “Oh! I should have checked that earlier. Sadly, we don’t have crackers or you could have eaten them with it.”

I joke so that the situation doesn’t leave a foul taste.

Guest: *With a big smile on his face* “I think I will take just milk. Don’t worry.”

I’m really glad that he was such an understanding guest with a sense of humour, or the situation wouldn’t have ended so nicely. The next thing I did was throwing all the creamer away, and for all the years I work there, this guest was the only one who asked for coffee creamer.

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