This Customer Is On Point

, , , , | Right | October 1, 2019

(A lady in front of me is about to pay for her burrito.)

Customer: “Sir, do you mind cutting the burrito in half?”

Cashier:  “Um… sorry, I have nothing to cut it with and also, I am not allowed to handle your food. I have no gloves on. It’s a health code violation.”

Customer: “There is a knife in the kitchen right behind you; use one of those knives.”

Cashier: “Again, I can’t use those knives, either, because it’s a violation.”

(I am confused on her request and why it is a big deal, since she is taking it to go. I’m guessing she can do it on her own when she gets home.)

Customer: “Why is this such a problem? Fine, use this.”  

(The lady pulls out a large kitchen knife from her purse. The whole restaurant goes quiet. The cashier is shocked and dumbfounded.)

Cashier:  “Umm… I have no idea why you keep that in your purse but, again, I can’t cut your food.”

Customer: “Fine!”

(She pays for her food and leaves. After a long awkward pause after she leaves, the guy behind me says this.)

Guy: “Did that just f****** happen?!”

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