This Customer Is In A Really Bad Place  

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(I work at a convenience store which has a carwash. We offer unlimited carwashes at a set price for the month where you can go to any of our chain stores and go through the wash as many times as you want. There’s a tag that is sensed at each carwash. A woman in her 20s comes to my register.)

Customer: ”I have a tag that is in a bad place on my car, and at other stores, as long as I show them, they give me a carwash.”

Me: “You have a tag that’s in a bad place? How so?”

Customer: “It’s in a hard-to-read place. As long as I show the other stores that I have a tag, they just give me a carwash.”

Me: “They give you a free car wash?”

Customer: “Yeah, I think it’s part of the ‘free carwash for a year’ deal.”

Me: *calls my shift leader* “Have you heard of ‘free carwash for a year’ deal?”

Shift Leader: “No.”

Customer: “I can show you the tag on my car and that it’s in a bad place.”

(I oblige, though I’m not willing to give a free carwash simply because her tag is in a bad place, which is her fault, not ours, and I really doubt any store is giving ‘free carwashes for a year,’ but if they are, the customer is welcome to keep getting her free washes there.)

Customer: “See, it’s in a bad place. Like I said, the other store always gives me a carwash when I show them that this is in a bad place that the sensor can’t read.”

(Sure enough, the tag is in a hard-to-sense area, but again, that’s not my problem. It’s not even where were trained to place them, so I’m not sympathetic.)

Me: “I see that, but just because it’s in a bad place it doesn’t require me to give you a free code. That other store may give you free carwashes as part of a ‘free carwash for a year’ deal, but I can’t give you a free one. You’ll have to pay for it.”

Customer: *defeated, buys our cheapest carwash*

(The girl was really sweet through her attempted scam. I later realized that she was indeed trying to scam us. We get a lot of issues with customers trying to get their money back or free carwashes, but none that have claimed that their poorly-placed tag has actually gotten them free washes.)

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