This Customer Gives Themselves The Boot

, , , | Right | November 14, 2020

I work at a ski and snowboard hill. While it is my first season there, I went through around two days of six-hour training sessions and am certified in my department, which is ski and snowboard rentals. A woman and her child, around five years old, come up to me.

Me: “Hello! Welcome to [Resort]. Are you renting skis or a snowboard?”

Customer: *Already looking quite annoyed* “I’m just renting for my son. He needs boots and skis.”

Me: “Okay, have you filled out the form?”

Customer: *Blank stare*

Me: “The form the front desk gave you with his sizes, skill level, weight, and height?”

The customer proceeds to slap the form down. I grab the size boots the child wears, and I also start filling in the ski setting information. It’s a long process, as I have to follow a chart to ensure the safety of the child and set the skis correctly.

Customer: “HEY. These boots do not fit my child. I gave you his size and you gave me the wrong boot! Are you f****** dense?”

I look up to see that the child is still wearing his winter boots, tied and all, giving me the impression he hasn’t tried the ski boots on.

Me: “Well, our ski boots don’t say the exact size for a child his age. It says a letter that corresponds with the size. I can show you the chart I use?”

Customer: “No, this is ridiculous. I’m sure you’ve never skied a day in your d*** life! I’m a professional skier!”

The customer then slammed the boots across the table and grabbed her kid, who looked jarred, and dragged him out the door. She didn’t come back to my desk, and I didn’t see them come back in, thankfully. A coworker told me she demanded a refund on everything, which our manager declined as I was just doing my job.

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