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This Creative Solution Is A Slam Dunk

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For months, every time I visit my friend in a rather nice neighborhood, I’ve seen this car on an empty street with a basketball hoop in the trunk. I mean that the hoop is mounted in the trunk with the trunk lid removed, and it’s standing vertically at regulation height.

Yesterday, I finally asked my friend the story.

A local dad put up a basketball hoop on the street (it’s an undeveloped dead-end street), so his kids could shoot some hoops — safely, since there was zero traffic on this road. At the end of the dead-end street is a fence bordering a trailer park. The man in the trailer on the other side of the fence reported the hoop, and the police had to get the dad to take it down.

Annoyed that this guy was preventing his kids from playing basketball, the dad bought a car for a few hundred dollars and had the shop down the road weld the basketball hoop into the trunk. There aren’t any parking rules for that street except that a vehicle can’t remain in one place for more than fourteen days. So, every fourteen days, the dad moves the car to the other side of the street. The car still runs — barely — and there’s a mechanic/gas station across the street if he needs one.

Many folks in the neighborhood now come to shoot hoops nightly. The police have left a handful of towing notices on the car, but they have since stopped responding to complaints about its presence. So, it seems the basketball car is here to stay!

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