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This Coworker Is A Real Headache

| Working | December 6, 2012

(Despite having a migraine, one of my coworkers has decided to stay and continue working on our night shift because she doesn’t want to get an infraction. A snotty coworker, however, seems to have a problem with this.)

Snotty Coworker: *scoffs* “Oh, please! She’s faking. I have REAL migraines. I know what they’re like.”

Coworker with migraine: “Oh, do you now?”

Snotty Coworker: “DUH! I mean, come on… it just hurts really bad. It’s not like people can’t deal with them.”

Coworker with migraine: “Actually, it hurts so badly that you want to cry, but crying makes it worse. Crying makes it worse… light makes it worse… sound makes it worse. Then, it starts throbbing and it makes you want to puke. But that makes it worse, too. It makes you want to curl up in a ball and make the world stop because existing hurts.”

Snotty Coworker: “God, just take a Tylenol.”

Me: “Um, most doctors actually say that once you already HAVE a migraine, not much can actually make it stop. There are drugs you can take during the onset, but after it’s already there, there’s very few things that’ll actually have an effect.”

Snotty Coworker: “That’s not true. I would know!”

Me: “Oh yeah? How?”

Snotty Coworker: “Because I’m better than you.”

Me: “I’m in nursing school, and we’ve been learning about people with conditions like hers lately.”

Snotty Coworker: “No! You’re wrong because I’m better than you!”

(My coworker with the migraine ended up having to call someone to come pick her up because she couldn’t drive home in her condition. The snotty coworker ended up getting fired for having a similar argument with the boss, about how she couldn’t be wrong because ‘she’s better than everyone. She will NOT be missed.)

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