This Conversation Will Cycle Until Britain Has An Empire Again

, , , , | Right | July 7, 2020

I often wear a necklace sold by my favorite band to work. The necklace is an Australian one-cent coin along with a charm of the band’s logo. Customers will sometimes ask me about the necklace, or if they recognize it, will start talking about the band. Most customers understand my explanation of the coin, but this customer takes the cake.

Me: “Hello.”

I go through the spiel as I scan groceries.

Customer: “What’s that you’re wearing?”

Me: “Oh, it’s an Australian penny. My favorite band is Australian and they sell these necklaces.”

Customer: “Really? I thought that was Queen Elizabeth on it.”

Me: “It is Queen Elizabeth. It’s an Australian coin.”

Customer: “But it has Queen Elizabeth on it.”

Me: “Yes, Australia is part of the British Commonwealth.”

Customer: *Pause* “Are you Australian?”

Me: “No, but my favorite band is. They sell these necklaces to symbolize that you’re priceless. I think the proceeds go to help fight human trafficking.”

Customer: “But it has Queen Elizabeth on it.”

Me: “Yes, it does.”

The customer didn’t say anything else the rest of the time, but she did look extremely confused. I thought it was common knowledge that Australia was a part of the British Commonwealth.

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