This Conversation Has Run Out Of Batteries

, | Working | May 11, 2017

(A movie viewing app on my aunt’s phone has been giving an error message and she asks me to try and fix it. I try to look it up to try and fix it myself, but when I look up the error it seems too complex for me. I try contacting the call center but since it is the weekend they are closed. I am about to give up when I realize what I had found online seems like it could be a problem within the android phone itself. So I decide to call her [Phone Brand] support center to see if they can help.)

Support: “Hello, my name is [Name]. What is the problem today?”

Me: “Hi, my aunt’s phone has been getting an error when she is in an app. It is the [App] app. When she starts a movie she is getting an error message the message is [Error Message]. From what I looked up it could be a problem with it being an android device.”

Support: “I’m sorry; what was the error message?”

Me: “It’s [Error Message].”

Support: *pause* “Have you tried taking out the battery and putting it back in?”

Me: *pauses* “Nope, not dealing with this…” *hangs up*

(It doesn’t take a phone expert to realize that if you are able to open the app then the phone is running fine. Taking out the battery is not going to do anything to fix an app. I expected suggestions like clearing cache or data but not something as irrelevant as the battery. I was just not in the mood to deal with ignorance. Granted, I get that the phone provider might not be able to do anything about it; I just figured it was worth a try.)

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