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This Communication Breakdown Does Not Compute

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Back before the sickness overtook the land, I ended up with a job doing tech support for phones, tablets, and computers from home. They supplied a computer; I had to provide the Internet connection. The computer constantly failed to connect to the Internet — my personal devices never had any issues — and no troubleshooting or replacement computers could fix the issue for longer than maybe a day. Since tech support took two to four days to get back to me each time I called, and I wasn’t being paid when I wasn’t in the phone queue, AND I had to remain home for tech support, I quit and sent the computer back with their pre-paid label.

A month later, I am told to send the computer back or they will bill me $4,000 for it. I reply to the email with a screenshot of the courier’s tracking page showing it was delivered and signed for by [Person].

A week later, I get another email.

Company: “According to our records, the equipment that was loaned to you by [Company] in support of the contract is still in your possession. As per the loan agreement, the equipment was due in transit within forty-eight hours of end of employment.”

Me: “Your records are incorrect. As I reported in an earlier request for this computer, the computer was returned shortly after I resigned. [Courier] tracking confirms the system was shipped on [date], arrived [five days later] at 11:08 am, and was signed for by [Person]. If you are unable to locate the computer, that is your issue, not mine. I have done everything I need to return all equipment.”

The next day, I get a call from their “asset recovery department.”

Asset Recovery: “If you don’t send the computer back or pay $4,000 within twenty-four hours, we will put it on your credit report and report you for theft.”

I’m already irritated.

Me: “Look, your company is populated with idiots. I sent the computer, I’ve sent the tracking information three different times, and I’ll send it to you again.”

I get the email address for this person and send it again.

Me: “It was shipped, tracked to your warehouse, and signed for by [Person]. What happened after [Person] signed for it is your problem, not mine, and if I hear any more from you other than, ‘Have a nice day,’ I’m sending all my documentation from my experience in this job to my lawyer.”

Asset Recovery: “Can you hold, please?”

Me: “Yes.”

Asset Recovery: “I’ve closed the issue and marked the computer as returned. You won’t hear from us again.”

I actually won my unemployment case against this company based on unconscionable behaviour and constructive dismissal. Because of those issues, in my final three weeks, I maybe worked and got paid for about four hours of work; the rest was spent twiddling my thumbs.