This Class Is Cut Short

| Learning | April 21, 2014

(My friend and I are sitting in the field during P.E. since the teacher has given us a break.)

Me: “Do you think people in our school would be stupid enough to wear their P.E. shorts over jeans? Like, it doesn’t take long to change and there’s no point in wearing the shorts!”

Friend: “Some girls wear tights under their shorts even though it’s a thousand degrees outside.”

Me: “But that’s normal-ish. Maybe they don’t want to show their legs. For guys, they can’t wear leggings or anything but they wear jeans!”

(My friend agrees and we become silent.)

Me: “But, again, why would guys wear their jeans over their—”

(As if on cue, a guy walks past with his P.E. shorts over his jeans.)

Me: “—never mind.”

(We both laugh.)

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