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This Christmas Is Numbered

, , , , | Right | December 26, 2018

(It’s a few days after Christmas, so we have a lot of customers returning or exchanging items. A woman approaches my counter with a couple of items.)

Me: “Hello. How are you today?”

Customer: “Oh, I’m fine. I’m just here to return these. I have a gift receipt.”

Me: “All right, just so you know, we can only put your return on a gift card.”

Customer: “That’s fine.”

(Gift receipts don’t have the price listed, and I can see that the price tag has been torn in half to hide the price. I can still use the item numbers to make a new tag and get the price. Her total comes to about $18.)

Me: “Okay, so, your total return is $18—“

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “It should be more than that. My sister and I agreed to spend $30 on each other.”

Me: “When I entered the item numbers in the system, this is the price that I was given.”

Customer: “Well, it should be more.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I can’t give you more than what the system tells me.”

Customer: *scoffs* “You must’ve done something wrong, then. Give me the right amount back.”

(I hate being talked down to. I grab one of the ripped tags and the scanning device.)

Me: “Ma’am, whoever bought this left the item numbers, which is what we need to remake tags. This is the department number; it tells us if it’s men’s, women’s, house, etc. This is the item number; it gives us a description of the item — denim button-down, running jacket, etc. And this last number is the price that was charged.”

(The customer goes quiet. And at this point, I can’t tell if she’s mad at me for proving her wrong or at her sister for not spending enough on her.)

Customer: “I will take the card. Thank you.” *leaves*

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