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This Chat Should Have Been A Snap

, , , , | Related | November 20, 2017

(I’ve recently adopted a kitten, and my mom is just as in love with her as I am. Unfortunately, I live a province away, so my mom can only see the new addition through the photos I send her. Since sending pictures via text eats away at data and my phone is already low on storage, I get the bright idea to get my mom to install Snapchat on her phone. My mom is usually pretty good with technology, so I don’t think it will be an issue. Boy, was I wrong.)

Me: “Okay, now go onto the app store and type in ‘Snapchat.’ You can get it there.”

Mom: “Wait, I don’t want to pay for this! You said it was free!”

Me: “It is. Do you see a price listed?”

Mom: “No.”

Me: “So, it’s free.”

Mom: “Why is it asking if I’m sure?”

Me: “It just does that. I promise you, it’s free.”

(She does download it, so I tell her to open it.)

Mom:It wants my location?! I don’t want it to know! That’s how hackers get you!”

Me: “Just say, ‘Don’t Allow.’ It’ll be fine.”

Mom: “Now it wants access to my phone contacts? Honey, this is a scam!”

Me: “No, it’s not, Mom. They ask for that so you can add people who are already in your contacts. Just say, ‘Don’t Allow.’ I’ll add you via username.”

(Getting her signed up takes WAY more time than it should, but she is finally good to go. I send her a picture of the kitty to test it out and she manages to open it.)

Mom: “Hey, it disappeared.”

Me: “Yeah, the picture only lasts for as long as the timer is set for.”

Mom:What? What’s the point of sending pictures if I don’t get to keep them?”

Me: “So we can save on memory in our phone. Also, you can—”

Mom: “My phone is running so slow now! I knew I downloaded a virus!”

(My mom uninstalled Snapchat a few days later, still claiming her phone was messed up because of it. This experience taught me to be thankful for the fact I don’t work in IT, and also showed me that we should be able to tip IT workers for the amount of s*** they go through!)

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