This Cashier’s Number Is Up, Part 2

| Springfield, MO, USA | Working | July 24, 2013

(I am checking out at a grocery store with my three-year-old daughter. I am on the WIC program: Woman, Infants, Children.)

Cashier: *sighs* “How are you today?”

Me: “I’m good. I have my WIC here; is that alright?”

Cashier: “Just separate everything into what is on the checks, so you don’t waste my time.”

(I am a little set back by this, but I do so. As they are ringing up my first order, the system has changed and the bread I normally get is no longer on WIC.)

Cashier: “Looks like you are gonna have to run and get the right bread, like you should have done the first time!”

Me: “Excuse me!? Can you please ask your bagger to do it? I have my daughter, and I just can’t leave her.”

Cashier: “Not my problem.”

(I sigh and go to get the two loaves of bread, making sure I get ones that will work with the new system. I have to push my cart there to do this. I come back and the cashier all but glares at me.)

Cashier: “You only get one.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Cashier: “I already rang your first order through, without the bread, and I am NOT redoing it.”

Me: “You know what? Fine. Just go on with the others, please.”

(The cashier smirks in triumph, and rings up my other orders. One has a carton of eggs that he all but flings down the aisle.)

Me: “You just broke those eggs.”

Cashier: “Guess you are gonna have to go get more then.”

(At this point, the bagger speaks up.)

Bagger: “And risk you ringing her up without them? Ma’am, I’ll go get them.”

(The bagger returns with the eggs, and a manager. I am fuming mad and I can tell the manager is too. The rest of the transaction goes without a problem. The cashier finally turns his attention to my daughter, who he had ignored, most likely in an attempt to seem like a good employee.)

Cashier: “You be nice to your mommy now, sweetie. Can I have a high five?”

My Daughter: “No! You were mean to my mommy and I don’t like you!”


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