This Cashier’s A Little Wet Behind The Ears

, , , , , | Working | September 4, 2020

My fiancee and I are doing some shopping at a local mall, and before we head home, we decide to head through the drive-thru since I haven’t eaten all day. We come up to the menu board where I select a meal, and my fiancee opts for just a small cup of water.

Me: “I’ll have the number two meal, extra-large, with a Coke… and a small water.”

Cashier: “Uh…” *Long pause* “We don’t have small drinks. We only carry medium, large, and extra-large.”

I check the menu; their drink sizes DO only range from medium to extra-large. 

Me: “Okay, give me the smallest size you have.”

Cashier: “But we don’t have small… only medium.”

My fiancee is blinking audibly by this point. 

Fiancee: “They have three sizes. One of them has to be the smallest by default regardless of what they call it.”

Me: “Okay. Is the medium the smallest size you have available?”

Cashier: “Let me check.” *Long pause* “Yessss.”

Me: “Then give me the medium water.” 

Cashier: “Oh. Okay, please pull around.”

We got to the window, mildly confused. The window person handed us a medium cup of water… and not the rest of the meal that was ordered. We accepted it and opted not to point out that they had skipped the rest; they hadn’t charged us for the water or anything else. We decided not to confuse them anymore, and went somewhere else to get my food.

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