This Cashier Sure Likes To Wine

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(I’m a few months pregnant, and though my belly isn’t “almost bursting,” it’s pretty round and obvious. It’s worth noting that I am unmarried, and thus I have my parents’ last name. I’m in the grocery store with my father, and he decides to grab a nice bottle of wine for a dinner party that his boss is hosting. We walk up to the register together and I pay for my items, then wait at the end of the register, leaning on the cart. My father hands the bottle of wine to the cashier and produces an ID. The cashier checks it, and then turns to me.)

Cashier: *sternly* “I need your ID, too.”

Me: “What? Oh. It’s not for me.” *gestures to my belly*

Cashier: *sighs irritably* “I need to see your ID.”

Me: “Um, okay.” *pulling out my ID* “I’m not 21, though.”

Cashier: *turns to my father* “I can’t sell you this. Selling alcohol to anyone underage is against the law.”

Father: “My pregnant daughter isn’t purchasing it, though. I am. She has already paid for her stuff.”

Cashier: “Sir, I can’t sell this to you, because how do I know you’re not going to give it to her when you leave?”

Father: *sighs* “Okay.” *turns to me, quietly* “Why don’t you go wait in the car? I’ll see if I can go to customer service.”

(As he hands me the keys, the cashier interjects.)

Cashier: “I saw you guys walk in together! I’m not losing my job because some old guy wants to buy his—“ *air quotes* “—’daughter’ alcohol. Who spends this much on a bottle of wine if they’re not trying to show off and impress some chick half his age?”

(Angry, pregnant, and embarrassed, I’m struggling not to openly cry.)

Father: *to me, through clenched teeth* “I’ll take you home and come back another time, when there’s a manager to help sort this out.”

Cashier: “I still won’t be able to sell to you, since I know it’s for her!”

(My father rolled his eyes and we left. We were both livid, and once he’d calmed down, he contacted the district manager and received an apology. He stopped at a different store and got the wine. I haven’t seen that cashier since.)

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