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This Bus Will Be Terminating At Your Hearts

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I am leaving a bad relationship. I have reached the first layover of what is a very long trip to get back home.

I enjoy talking to people, and I mention to the woman I am talking to how long my bus ride is going to be. I enjoy our conversation as it helps pass the time waiting for the next leg of my journey to begin.

Just as I am about to board the bus, the lady rushes up to me.

Lady #1: “Wait!”

She gives me a neck pillow. I am floored!

Lady #1: “Have a safe trip.”

I have tears in my eyes as I board. It does make the next leg a little more comfortable.

I had a conversation with another lady, who is in a wheelchair, just before we boarded. I have a disability and walk with a cane. She and her son make sure that I get to board at the same time they do in order for us to get seats in the disabled section.

Her stop comes up very quickly, and as she is about to disembark, she hands me a hand-crocheted lap robe. 

Lady #2: “You might need it, as the buses get so cold sometimes.”

I am in tears again. The lap robe is very helpful.

I make it to my second layover and it is to be several hours long. But as it gets closer to the scheduled departure time, it becomes plain that we aren’t going to leave on time. There is a mechanical problem with the bus that they are having trouble fixing. I have a very narrow window to make the next connection. I am upset, as I so want to get home. I ask at the ticket counter what I can do and I’m not really given a good answer.

I sit back down, wondering what in the world am I going to do. I hear my name called over the intercom. One of the front desk crew says that because we won’t be able to make the connection, the bus line is going to put me and another passenger, who is going to the same place I am, up in a hotel that night. We can catch our bus in the morning.

I check in the front desk clerk at the hotel.

Front Desk Clerk: “Here’s your room key. Your room is on the second floor.”

Me: “Can you point me to an elevator?”

Front Desk Clerk: “I’m sorry, but there isn’t one.”

Me: *Laughing* “It will definitely take me a while to get up the stairs.”

The front desk clerk worked her magic and got me an ADA room on the first floor. Again, I was just floored!

I got to sleep in a bed that night instead of riding the bus. It gave me a chance to recharge and relax, which made the rest of the trip easier.

I was just blown away at the kindness of so many people. I felt like I had received some small miracles from God to help me get back home.

This Train Will Be Terminating At Your Hearts

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