This Boss Needs To Get Cross With Herself

| Nevada, USA | Working | March 25, 2013

(For a while, I’ve been on the list of people to be cross trained for a different department. However, my manager keeps forgetting to schedule me for the right time. On this week, she finally schedules me at the correct time, which is two hours after I normally start. I go to work for training as scheduled, only to find my manager is upset.)

Manager: “Where were you? Why weren’t you here when you were supposed to be two hours ago? [Coworker] has had to go into overtime to cover for you!”

Me: “Um… this is when I was supposed to come in for cross training. It’s on the schedule.”

Manager: “What are you talking about? I think I would have remembered changing the schedule like that.”

Me: “I have a copy of the schedule you sent out here…”

(I hand her the schedule.)

Manager: “Son of a b****, you are scheduled for now. Well, you still aren’t getting cross trained because there’s no one to cover your shift.”

Me: “But I need the cross training. I was supposed to get it three weeks ago.”

Manager: “Well, who’s fault is it that you haven’t been able to go to the training?”

Me: “Do you really want me to answer that?”

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