This Bad Penny Keeps On Turning Up

| Right | July 6, 2017

(I’m cashiering at a large retailer in LA. My city now charges 10 cents for paper bags, and all plastic bags have been banned. This policy has been in place since January 2014. I hear the cashier behind me call for my manager, where an irate customer is turning red.)

Manager: “What’s the problem here, sir?”

Customer: “I’ll tell you the problem. Why am I being charged 10 cents for a bag? I’m a paying customer; I shouldn’t have to deal with this!”

Manager: “Sir, this is a city policy, not a [Store] policy. We could get fined for not charging for the bags, which are ten cents each.”

(This goes on for a while, until the customer finally gives in. The price of his order goes up 11 cents – 10 cents for the bag, 1 cent for the tax.)

Customer: *now yelling so loud that every lane can hear him* “Are you f****** kidding me? Where did that extra penny come from?!”

Manager: “That’s the 9% state tax that we are also legally forced to comply with.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s bulls***. That’s absolute bulls***. Bags are not taxable items!”

Manager: “Bags are absolutely taxable. Most items that aren’t food must be taxed the 9 percent.”

Customer: “That’s a f****** lie. Look at any bottle of water or soda – there’s a recycling fee, but no tax.”

Manager: “Yes, because those are foods. The item you’re buying today is also being taxed percent, as most items are.”

Customer: *at the top of his lungs* “That’s f****** ridiculous! This is America! This is horses***!”

(Security comes up to their lane.)

Security: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to keep your voice down, or I will be forced to escort you off the property.”

Customer: *quieter, but still yelling* “This is ridiculous. All of this fuss? All of this fuss over an American f****** penny?!”

(Customer continues to huff and puff, as the cashier continues quietly ringing up his order. The purchase goes through, with the manager and security guard still standing by the side.)

Customer: *again at the top of his lungs, addressing the entire front end* “This place is f****** evil. All of this fuss over an American penny?! This is America! This is ridiculous!”

Security: “Sir, I warned you about raising your voice. Please come with me and I’ll walk you out of the store.”

Customer: “Oh, of course, of course.” *the customer mumbles until he gets out of the store and stares at the security guard* “I’m not done yet! I’m not even close to done yet!”

(The customer yelled for a bit longer until the automatic doors finally closed.)

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