This Apple Fell Far From Its Tree, Part 3

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A young boy walks into our store holding a gift card.

Boy: *To my coworker* “I found this on the ground outside. I think someone lost it.”

My coworker takes the card and scans it to see if there is any money on it. There is $15.00 on it.

Coworker: “Well, it looks like there is indeed $15 on this card. We can hold it to see if the owner of it comes back.”

Boy: “Okay!” *Smiles*

He goes back to his mom and tells her about his good deed. The mom comes over to us almost immediately. 

Mom: “So, what exactly are you doing with that card?”

Coworker: “Oh! We’re just going to hold it and see if anyone comes back looking for it. I’m sure they’ll be happy when they see it’s here.”

Mom: “So, you’re not going to let my son keep it? He found it!”

My coworker goes silent so I hop in.

Me: “You guys found the card?”

Mom: “That’s right!”

Me: “If you want, we can take your name and number, and if no one claims it in a few days, we can call and let you have it.”

Mom: *Sarcastically* “I don’t expect you to do that if it’s against your store policy.”

Me: *Confused* “Oh… okay, then.”

Mom: *Sarcastically again* “Thanks, [Boy]!”

The boy turns around and gives us another smile and thumbs up. I assume he didn’t pick up her sarcasm.

Mom: *Angry* “Should have just kept it and not said anything!” 

After they leave, my coworker turns to me and starts speaking sarcastically.

Coworker: “Oh, yeah, that’s nice. Teach your son to be dishonest!”

We were both surprised and angry at how the mom acted. She definitely didn’t set a good example for her son. I hope he still feels good for his good deed.

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This Apple Fell Far From Its Tree

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