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This All Adds Up To A Bad Time

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: sad_skelly | December 26, 2021

A man comes up to my till with a €1.99 pack of chocolates in hand and a €1.05 packet of dried raspberries in the other.

Me: “Your total is €3.04.”

Customer: “What? How? It should be €2.04!”

I keep repeating to him that €1.99 plus €1 makes €2.99, not €1.99, but he starts yelling about how I don’t know how to count and I’m trying to trick him.

I get out my calculator, as he refuses to come check out the POS screen with only those two items and the total on it. I work it out for him on the calculator. The total shows €3.04. This does not convince him.

Customer: “Your machine is wrong!”

I am exasperated at this point, and my customer service facade has totally worn off.

Me: “Sir, what is one plus one?”

Customer: “Okay, you’re right, because you don’t know how to count!”

The supervisor and my manager stepped in at this point, and I don’t know what they told him as my view was blocked by other customers, but he left.

He came back a few minutes later, much calmer, and told the supervisor I hadn’t given him change, which is not true because the manager confirmed he had seen me count it out and give it to him. The supervisor just gave him the change because, at that point, we all wanted him to leave, and hopefully, he never comes back. The supervisor told me afterward that he’d seen the guy trying to steal in the dried food section for forty minutes.

I don’t know how you reach adulthood without knowing what one plus one is and that a computer can never get a calculation wrong as far as I know.

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