This Ain’t Their First Drive-Thru Rodeo

, , , | Right | September 24, 2018

(I’m working at the drive-thru window, and while the car next to me is idle, we strike up a nice conversation. Then the customer asks a strange question.)

Driver: “Can you lean out a little farther?”

(He even gestures to me to come closer to him. Drive-thru window workers get harassed A LOT. Prank videos are evidence of that. Just a month ago, my coworker was attacked by a customer who grabbed her shirt and tried to pull her through the window while he drove off. Immediately, I’m suspicious and the polite smile I had on my face DROPS. The customer is visibly startled by my sudden change in attitude as I lean back even further, well out of reach.)

Me: *coldly* “Why?”

Driver: “Uh… No reason.”

Me: “Please drive up to the next window for your meal.” *closes window*

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