Third Time’s A Harm

| Working | March 14, 2013

(I am allergic to two medications. I’ve been to this hospital before and it’s stamped all over my chart. I also wear a medical ID bracelet stating my allergies. However…)

Doctor: “I can see that your asthma is flaring. Why don’t we use [medication I’m allergic to]?”

Me: “Um, I’m allergic to that. I’d really rather you didn’t.”

Doctor: “Oh, in that case, we won’t.”

(Several minutes later, the respiratory therapist comes in. As mix-ups have happened before, I inquire as to what medications he is giving me.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, but could you tell me which medications are in there?”

Respiratory Therapist: “Certainly, young lady! It’s [hybrid combo that contains one of the meds I’m allergic to].”

Me: “I’m allergic to that.”

(The respiratory therapist looks at my chart, and then at my medical ID  bracelet.)

Respiratory Therapist: “And so you are.”

(Finally, I get the medications I’m not allergic to and I’m breathing better. They discover I also have a sinus infection, so I’m prescribed an antibiotic.)

Doctor: “And here is your prescription for [antibiotic I’m allergic to].”

My Friend & Me: “Allergic.”


Me: “I… don’t know. All I know is the last time I took it I broke out in hives, and I really don’t want a repeat of that, sir.”

Doctor: “Oh. In that case, I’ll write a script for [safe antibiotic].”

(I finally got out of there, and thankfully wasn’t given any of the medications I’m rather allergic to!)

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