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Third Time Is Not Charming

, , , , , | Right | September 9, 2010

(I work in a ground-level office, and I am usually the only one working within view of both the front and back doors.)

Customer: *coming in from the back hallway* “Hello, I’m here for my appointment.”

Me: “With who?”

Customer: “With [Employee].”

Me: “I think you’re in the wrong office.”

Customer: “Oh, terribly sorry.”

(The customer goes back down to the back door and reappears from the front door a few minutes later.)

Customer: “Hello, I’m here to see [Employee] for my appointment?”

Me: “Ma’am, this is the same office. You have to go down the stairs in the parking lot to get to [Company]. They’re on the basement level.”

Customer: “Oh! That explains it, thank you!”

(The customer heads out the front door again but wanders back down the back hallway almost immediately.)

Me: “Still in the wrong place, ma’am. You need to go downstairs.”

Customer: *scowling and glaring* “You’re much less polite than the other two boys!”

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