Third-Party Pooper

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(I am working at my store on Black Friday and it has been extremely busy throughout my entire shift. It is so busy that I can’t get anyone to cover me for my lunch and just as I am about to clock out for the day, a man and a small child come to my register. He silently puts a popular MP3 player, that recently just came out, on the counter and I scan it. He is quiet for the whole transaction until he sees the total price.)

Customer: “No, that’s not right. You do price matching. This [MP3 Player] is 99.99 on Amazon. I want that price.”

Me: “I will be happy to help you, sir, just let me pull the [MP3 Player] up on Amazon to double check.”

Customer: “Can’t you just give me the price?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but since it’s on Amazon I have to double check to make sure the price is not from a third party seller.”

(Throughout the whole time I am pulling up Amazon on the computer, the customer does nothing complain about the horrible service he is receiving and how ridiculous it is to check to see if he was telling the truth. I pull up the MP3 player and see that the one he is talking about is indeed from a third party seller. When I show him this, he completely flips out and complains about how we are scamming him out of his money.)

Me: “I am so sorry, sir, but that is our policy. Unfortunately, we can only price match items if they are sold and shipped from Amazon. Would you still like to buy the [MP3 Player]?”

Customer: “No, I don’t, and thanks for ruining my kid’s Christmas.”

Me: “Okay, sir, I am so sorry about that. I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful holiday season.”

(The customer is turning around to walk out the door and when I say that. He abruptly turns around and glares at me.)


(I called my manager and when he arrived, the customer told him how I was treating him rudely throughout the whole transaction, refused him service, and told him how I made his son upset and was ruining his Christmas. When my manager asked me if what he was saying was true, I said no and told him the situation and even brought up the webpage to show him I was just following the store policy. The customer started yelling that I was lying. To my surprise, my manager gave him a gift card as a way to say sorry and pulled me to his office. When I tried explaining that he wanted me to take more than 80% off the MP3 player to price match the third party seller, he didn’t believe me and told me he was going to let me go. Looking back, I realize that it was their loss because I was only doing what they were telling me to do and I am now working at an office job that treats their employees a lot better than that store I used to work at.)

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  • Jennifer Moroney

    That is the kind of manager that gets a store shut down.

    • Gary Z

      Seeing as they do price matching and don’t give a damn about their employees, it’s quite likely a national retailer in no danger of being shut down.

      • Jill Joiner

        Exactly, I beat the record at a dollar store. I lasted 9 months. Other stores with the same chain I shopped at always ask how has he been there for so many years going through people like a sieve answer the company doesn’t care

        • Nancy Marshall

          Dollar store…worst 6 months of my life. Horrible to employees.

      • Madison Link

        Because, as we all know, national brick and mortar retailers are in no danger of being shut down these days.

        • Vulpis

          Yeah, just ask Circuit City and K-Mart!

          • Deadpool

            And Sears.

          • Fyva Prold

            (corporate brother of KMart)

      • Jennifer Moroney

        Sigh. Just… never mind, you missed the point.

  • Preston Garvey

    Bright side of being let go, that gives you more time to find settlements in need of the protection of the Minutemen.

    • M.

      Goddamnit, Preston, I’m in the Glowing Sea and I can’t be in two places at once. Pick up your own damn musket for once, mine’s busy hunting Deathclaws.

      (So help me, I thought I was immune to these but I laughed.)

  • CJB


    • JB

      Customer demanded price match. OP followed policy and the requested price match did not comply (the OP would have had to take over 80% off the MP3 player the customer wanted). Upon learning this the customer demanded a manager, who gave the arsehole, er, customer a gift card. OP was let go for doing their job.

    • The Vicar

      Is it just my imagination, or is “TLDR” shorthand for “I have too little intelligence and attention span to read anything longer than two sentences, and should not be trusted with any device more complicated than a mop”?

      • Mushroom

        “Put down that wheelbarrow, Jethro. You don’t know nothin’ about technology!” — comedian ‘Brother’ Dave Gardner

      • AsaeAmpan

        yeah that sounds about right honestly.

    • sacke5

      CJB —>TSTR & NIE

    • Kristen

      More like tldt or “Too long didn’t think” or tlct “too long can’t think” in your case

  • Mushroom

    You are better off now not working for Lumburgh. You would have gotten in trouble if you HAD honored that deep discount so there was no winning here.

    • NessaTameamea

      The only other situation I could think of is the OP calling a manager over right away so that the manager can decide what to do, but since this happened on black Friday and OP knew the store policy I can absolutely understand them not doing so.

      • Kryss LaBryn

        Well, I mean, the chain of events basically went, Customer wants something that breaks store policy; OP says they can’t break policy; Customer asks for manager; OP gets manager; Manager fires OP.

        One of these things is not like the other. Wow. I’m not sure calling the manager in earlier would have helped. At best it probably would have gone, “Why are you calling me over for this when we’re so busy?! You know what our policy is! You’re fired!”

        What a dickhole. Seriously.

        • NessaTameamea

          Yeah I guess the only difference would have been that the customer would have gotten angry at the manager at maybe not so much at OP, but I guess the outcome wouldn’t have been any different if the manager wanted to fire OP anyway.

  • JB

    Congratulations meanager, you just enabled another self-entitled a-hole. The fact said a-hole not only blamed the OP for ruining his kid’s Christmas (the standard excuse for any cheapskate parent), but yelled for a manager. NOW! is another nail in the coffin of a non-hostile workplace.

    • Siirenias

      Is that what Black Friday is about? Christmas presents? I never celebrated and it never made sense to me.

      • JB

        Really early bargain hunting? Trying to make up for a previous Christmas he disappointed? The OP getting some details wrong? Combination of all three?

        • Bel-Shamharoth

          Well, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and the next major holiday after Thanksgiving is Christmas, thus the “holiday season”, and therefore “holiday prices”, start immediately after Thanksgiving. You don’t want it to start ON Thanksgiving, though, because most people will be home eating dinner. So the sales start the day after; Black Friday. That’s why you get the best deals; it’s the start of the holiday season, so it’s a “get your gifts now when you still have a month to shop” kind of thing.

          • Will Flynn

            Actually, thanks to low life, money grubbing POS CEOs, the bullshit does, indeed, start on Thanksgiving now. And, confusing cause and effect, they point to sales and say “see, people *want* to shop on Thanksgiving”, not realizing (or lying to themselves and everyone else) that the sales are because that is when the best prices are offered. Screw them and their holiday destroying policies.

          • Bel-Shamharoth

            Yeah, my work actually does that. I just thought it wasn’t the norm…

          • Will Flynn

            Become far too norm anymore, really. Target, KMart, Wal mart, Sears…the list goes on and on. 2 years ago Wally world tried over riding their “non availability days” thing with my wife. Thursday has been one of her NA days for 23 years. Suddenly it is ignored, but just for that one week. Didn’t work. With the switch to the whole PTO thing she just calls out and takes PTO for the day. Screw them, our Turkey day isn’t being destroyed because of corporate greed.

        • Siirenias

          I meant in general. There’s such a frantic energy about Black Friday and I don’t understand the mentality.

      • Laren Dowling

        Black Friday is a day of amazing sales, and not just for Christmas presents. I got my laptop on Black Friday. Helped my friend get her flat-screen TV. I also stock up on clothing items like socks for my ever-growing son.

        • Siirenias

          Yeah, but would you throw down for them? Black Friday stories are scary.

        • Kathryn Baggs

          Cyber Monday- or online Black Friday. Of course I’m Canadian, and I’ve never been out to a store on black Friday (gee, wonder why…).

        • Stacy

          More often than not, you can find the price you bought your laptop for on any other given day if you actually shop around.

          The retail industry has manipulated consumers into believing that Black Friday deals are the best it’s ever going to be so that you think you have to go stand in line and act like animals fighting over the last bite of food.

          • Holly Ferguson

            The only time I waited in line was for about 10 minutes waiting for the store to open. Nobody was pushing or fighting, people were helping each other out finding stuff, they had a great line system too!

            I’m tired of the bullshit whining. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, a good number of employees are HAPPY to make that holiday pay. Also, YOU’RE TOLD UPFRONT WHEN YOU START AT A RETAIL JOB THAT HOLIDAY HOURS ARE A PART OF THE JOB. It’s not like it’s some big surprise.

            And what about doctors, nurses, firemen, cops, etc. They all have to work holidays as well, yet nobody is whining like little children over them!

          • Stacy

            Comparing emergency services to retail workers is about as stupid as it gets. No one is going to die because you couldn’t an item from a retail store on sale. Lots of people can and will die with emergency services not up and running. Miss me with these bs talking point that takes zero logic into account.

            Also, why are you yelling?

  • Congratulations on escaping that nasty place!

  • Oath 2 Order

    Just say iPod.

    • Emtu

      iPod is a brand name, MP3 player is the generic term.

    • sacke5

      Hello Apple fanboy…

  • Cathrope

    Why do stores have policies in the first place, and I wonder what corporate would’ve said if they were to find out.

    • Michelle De Bari

      Corporate usually believes the customer. At least where I work, they do. I’ve only known of twice that corporate didn’t just give a gift card and an apology to a customer who complained. One guy yelled at three people that worked there (including me) because his paycheck couldn’t be cashed with the ID he had, as it wasn’t a state ID (which is the only kind of ID our computer program accepted). He screamed at us, left, came back again and yelled at us again when it still didn’t work. He then called corporate and said we were being discriminatory. Our store director was there the first time he was yelling , thankfully, so when our district manager called out store director and told him he had to apologize because he seemed like “a nice man,” our store director flat out told him that he would not apologize because he was rude to his employees. It’s ridiculous how much the higher ups think that customers are perfect because they call and speak to THEM politely.

  • Serabeth

    Why doesn’t he just buy it off Amazon instead, then? If it’s 80% cheaper, then even with shipping costs it would still cost a lot less.

    • BR

      Because he wants the official retail quality (with warranty) at the 3rd party price.

      • Mechwarrior

        The third party arrives-without-serial-numbers price.

    • Aimee M

      Because he was probably responsible for the Amazon listing.

      • annsea97

        Probably. Some guy in my town was scamming our local stores out of PS4s when they first came out by listing on Amazon then pitching a fit in store about “price-matching”. A lot of managers got a lot of cashiers in trouble over that.

      • Nicole

        Or Christmas was like, the next day, because he’s a clown that can’t plan for things. So he couldn’t wait on shipping.

        EDIT: Just re-read and saw it was black friday. Beats me. Sounds like he’s just a whiner.

      • Siirenias

        I would say that’s improbable, but if one guy thought of it…

    • SH_Marr

      May not have time to ship it. They were mentioning holidays and he may have left it until too late.

      • JB

        He said his kid’s Christmas was ruined, so it’s unlikely to have been a shipping issue. More likely he read about some life hack (I hate that term btw) about price matching to get a better deal and decided to throw his weight around.

      • Konton

        doubtful, since it was Black Friday, aka the day after American Thanksgiving, so there would be plenty of time for shipping, it’s more likely he’s trying to scam the store out of an expensive item by listing it himself

      • Rond

        Nope. Black Friday. Still about a month before Christmas.

    • Cygnata –

      Reminds me of one that I saw that instead of “sold and shipped by Amazon” it had “sold by Amazon and FULFILLED by Amazon.” Apparently someone had made a fake company with
      the same name.Or brought up a fake page on his phone. We certainly couldn’t find the listing anywhere but there.

      • Julie Kochel

        My brother works for Amazon in Delaware and their warehouses are called Amazon Fulfillment. Without seeing the listing myself, could it be possible it was still Amazon? I just try to avoid anything on Amazon that doesn’t offer Prime to be sure.

        • Cygnata –

          The page looked “off” in general, and we couldn’t find it anywhere but this person’s phone, so I’m still convinced it was fake.

    • Marianne

      convenience of not having to wait??

  • Denton Young

    I hope someone reported the manager to Corporate for essentially giving away a $500 item and not following store policy.

    • JB

      The story doesn’t say if the cowstomer got the MP3 player in the end, we just know he got a gift card.

      • Denton Young

        Customer should have gotten a swift kick in the butt.

        • Further back than I’d have aimed, unless he was facing a brick wall, maybe.

  • Tyler

    I’ve never even worked retail, and I loathe people like the customer and the manager in the story. While the rest of us try to be conscientious shoppers who abide by store policies, this guy throws a tantrum, lies, gets rewarded for it, AND gets someone fired. This only encourages the bad customer to continue being a jerk in the hopes of getting free stuff, and the stupid manager probably patted himself on the back for “helping” a customer, not realizing he just enabled the guy to try to rip the store off again.

    • Rebecca Charlton

      Yep, the employees hate it too. The only people who likes situations like this are scammers.

  • Stephanie Trump

    Should have taken it up with regional manager or corporate

  • Uh…

    “When I show him this, he completely flips out and complains about how we are scamming him out of his money.)”

    Dude, your not entitled to price match. The store does this to compete, but it’s their device, and they can sell it at what price they want (subject to applicable laws)… You don’t have the right to get it cheaper than they want to sell it for. That is up to them and their policies.

    Now kindly go away and buy the thing on Amazon if the price means that much to you.

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    Why isn’t this both a NAR and a NAW?

    • Bel-Shamharoth

      Because the customer IS wrong?

      • GNF

        Yes, but the manager was also very wrong by giving the wrong customer a gift card, thereby negating OP who was correctly trying to uphold the store’s policy and then firing OP for absolutely no wrong doing whatsoever.

        • Bel-Shamharoth

          Yes, but isn’t NAW for when the customer is wrong? Or am I misunderstanding it? I’ve never seen it so I don’t know.

          • Vulpis

            NAW is ‘Not Always Working’, for bad worker stories.

          • Bel-Shamharoth

            Ah. Somehow I thought it was “Not Always Wrong”. I think I saw a post that mentioned that, parodying NAR, and that combined with the name of thise site, amde me assume it was “wrong” instead of “working”. My bad.

      • EJ Nauls-Poland

        Yeah, but the manager is also a major a*shole.

  • I’ll bet hearing a place like that shut down due to pure ineptitude would be music to everyone’s ears, and you just can’t match that price.

  • Chiitaku

    There are places that PRICE MATCH on Black Friday? A number of places I know of don’t even do that starting Thanksgiving going until after Black Friday. Best Buy is one of them, so I wonder which store this is?

  • Bel-Shamharoth

    I am pretty sure that this is at a chain whose name rhymes with Rest Lie, because we have the same policy. I always phrase it almost exactly the same way. It has to be shipped and sold by the competitor in question. Which is why I am absolutely dumbfounded that this manager was stupid enough to believe that this customer was actually telling the truth, when the Amazon page was pulled up and it clearly was NOT sold and shipped by Amazon. They chose to believe a customer who was clearly trying to scam them over their own customer, when the proof that he was attempting to violate the policy was right there in front of them. I actually happen to like the store I work in, so this is apparently not a widespread problem, but it seems your store in particular had some issues with management. Glad you found a place that treats its workers better than [Redacted] did, OP.

    • Lord Retro

      There is a huge sign on the edge of a farm property near where I go for work. One side says “Best Buy Sucks” and the other says “Best Buy Cheated Me”. The one time I was in the only BB in the area I asked the manager (who was ringing me out) and he said it had been up longer than he worked there but he definitely knew about its existence but not the WHY, even though it was close to 30 miles away.

      • robindaybird

        Some people hold a grudge, knew of a guy who carted around a sign on the back of his truck about how an auto dealer cheated him, saw the same sign on three different trucks over the course of almost 15 years.

    • Chiitaku

      They also have a policy that they’re not to Price Match sales starting from Thanksgiving until the following Monday.

      • Bel-Shamharoth

        Probably true. I don’t remember Thanksgiving very much.

        • Gnoman

          They also now (at least in my area) have all but automated the price-matching process, with a quick-link at the register to Newegg and Amazon for all their products. They don’t even have the ability to price-match manually anymore.

  • GNF

    That whole story is pretty gosh darn ridiculous and even more infuriating. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though.

  • Sammyslamma

    Had exactly the same thing happen to me when working for the good guys (appliances store). Customer picked up a lifeproof iphone case ($119) and placed it on the cheap generic rack ($15), I watched them the entire time from behind the counter. When they brought it over, I rang it up at $119, they complained it was only $15 and because the tag was wrong I had to honour it. I explained unfortunately the price tag has to match the model and name of the product under it, and sometimes customers “accidentally” put items back on the wrong rack. They walked off and came back 10 minutes later with a manager, saying I was extremely rude and wouldn’t give them the case for the price of a completely different case. The manager gave it to them for $15, nearly 90% off the sale price, yelled at me in front of customers that I was an idiot, then sent me to the boss’s office. He asked me why I was the only person in the store who got complaints, I replied I was the only person who upheld his policies and adhered to the rules. The boss then said he was going to fire me as pleasing the customer is more important than meeting sales target (which if you don’t meet you get fired anyway). It sucked, can’t use them as a reference. So word of advice, most retailers will throw their policies out the window to please a customer even if it results in a huge loss.

    • Hachimaro

      No way of taking it to court?

      • Mechwarrior

        Even if Sammyslamma didn’t live in an At Will state, proving it in court without a written statement from their boss would be basically impossible.

      • John Mill

        Absolutely there is.
        If its the Good Guys here in Australia we have quite strict unfair dismissal laws – and a tendency not to just give in to unreasonable customer demands.

    • JB

      I bet the slimy git went some way to covering his tracks by taking the difference out of your paycheck.

    • Ophelia

      Based on what you say, that actually sounds like the boss was attempting to get rid of you for a personal reason for some time, or some other reason that corporate or government wouldn’t allow, and found this to be a good enough excuse to do so (annoying a customer). There is no way you are the only employee to have received complaints (unless the store had just recently opened and this was the very first complaint), there is no reason to humiliate you in front of the customers, and based on your description, it sounded like the boss would not hear your side of the story, taking everything the customer said at face value.

      That is, it sounded like he went out of his way to make you feel as small and worthless as possible, and that is simply not the way any normal boss would behave unless he either had some kind of grudge or was a bully.

      I would bet that if or when you left, he would’ve found someone else to do that to.

    • Darth Hideous

      Despite customers like this proving that the pitch-a-fit method frequently works I can’t bring myself to degrade myself like that.

  • FU2

    The most stupid manager ever! Sheeps like that should not be allowed to get management positions, should grow some balls!

  • Kitty

    “how ridiculous it is to check to see if he was telling the truth”
    Yeah, it’s not like people… you know, lie and stuff.

    “No, I don’t, and thanks for ruining my kid’s Christmas.”
    Here’s an idea. Buy the f***ing MP3 player off Amazon if it’s so freaking cheap there!

  • Nancy Marshall

    I once overheard 2 customers talking..” If you throw a fit about the price, this manager will give you whatever you want. Then write a bad review and they send you a gift card. I have done it several times.” Laughs. It still makes me mad, when I think about it.

  • Sara van der Merwe

    I’ve only worked black Friday once since it’s new in my country, but still, this is a terrible manager. I hate managers like this, who change what they told you to do simply to appease some moronic customer who’s stupid enough to try to scam people.

  • Greg MacDonald

    Companies hire extra employees to prepare for the big Black Friday sale. After that sale, the amount of employees retail stores have is unnecessary.

    Your manager used a horrible excuse to “fire you”, rather than let you go. Maybe you weren’t going to be the one let go because other people were more unproductive, but you gave him a way to make it look like you were the problem in the situation.

  • Megan

    I’m always amazed that people will get employees fired without a second thought from a job they probably need, all so they can get a discount they aren’t supposed to get and the employee is following the store policy. I mean, I know what kind of world we live in, but it’s still a bit stunning to come face to face with it.

    • You know what’s funny… in a sad kind of way… People complain about machines replacing workers, and all that “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO ROBOTS!”

      but then they go and treat existing employes like machines.

      Now… I understand if you don’t want to make small talk to your cashier… I know I don’t… but that cashier is still a human and doesn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus just so you can save a hundred bucks on an MP3 player!

      • Kristen

        Of course they still want people; you can’t bully a machine.

        • Trust me… people still try to bully the damn self serve check outs… It’s actually kinda funny watching them yell at it as if it is going to cave in and do what they want 😛

          • Haha, I’ve been guilty of that.

            “Please place the item in the bagging area.”

            “It IS in the bagging area!?!?!?!?” *grumble, grumble*

          • Holly Ferguson

            Hey, I’m not bullying it, I just want it to acknowledge that I already PUT THE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA!!

          • haha. I’ve never had that issue with the machines myself, but I have heard horror stories of people that have… Apparently some companies took the risk and removed the sensor from the bagging area for that reason.

      • Michelle De Bari

        A lot of people look at retail workers as people that have to do whatever you tell them; like we’re slaves when we’re at work, so how they speak to us doesn’t matter because we’re below them, anyway. It’s ridiculous.

    • Will Flynn

      And that is why I rail so hard against them and piss people off who support the customer, seemingly no matter what, when I do so. These scam artist/entitled twits need to feel the blunt end of something heavy and with a lot of kinetic energy behind it.

      • Megan

        I would like to think I’d speak up in a situation like this too, especially if I saw the manager angry at the employee for upholding store policy. I don’t think I’ve ever had that opportunity as a customer myself, but having worked retail for more than ten years saw enough of it to get super pissed when I read or hear about it second hand.

    • BrickBat

      The world is full of bullies and not all of them have as much money as Trump. What the customer did in this story is just an extension of stealing some other kids lunch money they feel entitled to.

  • Hugh Manatee

    I worked at a very poorly managed Target for a while.

    There were certain regulars who knew all they had to do was make a fuss and managers would give them discounts and gift cards.

    There was at least one woman who I don’t think ever paid full price for any of her shopping, nor left the store without free money in my whole time working there.

  • Clint

    Why not just order the #!@$ing thing from Amazon.

    • Kristen

      Be ause then they’d have to wait and it won’t come in before Christmas and other reasons this customer would make

      • Clint

        Yeah. Life is tough.

    • robindaybird

      Likely they knew that $99 Mp3 was a fake (or put it up themselves for the price match)

      • Clint

        I was wondering if that was possible.

  • Kyle Nmn Untertzuder

    Wait a minute…there are MP3 players that still cost >$500? I mean, I know there are specialized units for audiophiles, but who buys their kid a $500 MP3 player?

    • Chiitaku

      The most expensive one I know of offhand is an iPod Touch with a 128 gig hard drive for 399.99. Maybe it’s that one? But either way, I’m curious to which store this is since it’s not typical that a store price matches on Black Friday. They even list it in their Price Match policies online.

    • robindaybird

      the kid is probably fake to get a sympathy ploy, and this could be years old, when Apple i-stuff was new and even more expensive than it is now

  • Bill Cademy

    You could tell the direction this story was going to take from the “no one was able to cover me so I could take a lunch” comment – in some states, this is outright illegal. So much so that in my company a supervisor can get into big trouble for not giving lunches on time, customers be damned. (Same for breaks – both must be given during specific time frames during the day, and if not it goes against the supervisor and their manager.)
    When the manager doesn’t care enough to give proper breaks, they don’t care enough about retaining employees.

    • IHadAMew

      I’ve definitely been there, I’d love to whistleblow about the company I work for one day. People not getting breaks, unventilated areas to mix paint (I almost passed out from the fumes once, I was coughing for the rest of the day), very dodgy pay, colleagues stealing and letting their friends steal… One day…

      • Bill Cademy

        Do it. Breaks are a matter of state law, and not knowing yours I can’t comment on that. But the ventilation issue with noxious chemicals is a federal one – OSHA has strict regulations about that. And the law protects whistleblowers, at least to some extent. (You can’t lose your job for it, although your employer will then look for any legit reason to dump you. Get something lined up elsewhere, they file with OSHA.)

        • IHadAMew

          I’m in the UK, I’m sure that the EU laws are very strict around breaks as well as chemicals in an unventilated area. I’m currently looking for somewhere else to work, and I’m planning on whistleblowing as soon as I leave, if I ever can.

          • Bill Cademy

            Ah. Replies don’t show where you are located. i don’t know the specifics, but I do know the UK has an equivalent of OSHA.

  • Cave Johnson

    Obligatory comment about reinforcing bad behavior. Also this should definitely be on NAW too.

  • Stephanie Cantrell Metz

    Fired at the start of the holiday shopping season? Bet the other employees *loved* having to cover the poster’s shifts.

  • IHadAMew

    I hate managerssssss!

  • Tyler Tenebrae

    I remember one store in our town that had reputation so bad that being fired from it was considered a positive recommendation for some other retail employers.

    • Ophelia

      Was that store Amy’s Baking Company?

  • arglebargle

    This story makes me sick. I’m not blaming the OP. I know the situation (and I can post my own story) and I’m glad you got out from under a crappy job and into a better one. That manager will ultimately be called on why there are losses at his store and will be fired, totally bewildered why it happened. What a shame.

  • Dan

    Time to walk out of the store with a middle finger raised over each shoulder.

  • Stacy

    I will never understand the thought process of keeping scammers happy. Someone who steals more money than they give you in profit is not someone you should want back in your store.

    I like cheaper prices too and use Amazon a lot but I don’t bully another company into giving me Amazon prices.

    • Ophelia

      Oftentimes, they don’t realize they’re dealing with a scammer and think it’s just an angry customer, then think that giving them what they want, and then some, will make them happy again and want to come back to buy stuff at normal prices.

      In this case though, the fact that the manager instantly sided with the customer and dismissed everything OP said as lies, no matter what OP said, leads me to believe the manager wanted to fire OP and found this as his opportunity.

  • emax4

    At this point since the OP is no longer there, I think it’s fair that the name of the store be shared publicly. Obviously the store cars about customer satisfaction over staying in business, so let’s hear it! Let’s shut this store down!

  • Thomas Solebrant

    This should have a “Working” tag also

  • Daniel Gill

    Few years ago, The Mart of Wal decided to match online prices from Amazon. Unfortunately, they said to match *Any* prices, third party sellers and all. We got utterly smoked for three days until upper management figured out that this was a terrible idea, and would only price match for Amazon. As a cashier, I bore the brunt of getting yelled at by those customers who thought they had a good deal going. Thankfully, I had good management who backed us cashiers. Can’t make money when you’re selling a PS4 for $100 due to an online sale, when you don’t factor in the $400 in shipping and handling.

  • One of the most believable stories I’ve read on here

  • Dani Marie

    I shudder to think how much inventory this store loses, with such a gutless coward of a manager in charge!
    Corporate must be pretty slack as well, if they lose money every time someone whinges and never question why?!! :O