Third Eye Blind

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(About twenty years ago when I was living in the UK I saw a movie that I really liked. Back home on holiday, they show the movie at our local cinema, but only for a week. I persuade all my friends to watch it with me. The only time we can manage is the last day it is on. This is a movie none of them have heard of, and they go only based on my recommendation. After about one third of the movie, I realize they have skipped the middle and gone right to the last third.)

Me: “Guys, they just skipped a third of the movie. I’ll go and see what happened.”

(I leave to find an employee.)

Me: “Excuse me. I’ve been watching [Movie], and there are about 30 minutes missing in the middle.”

Employee: “That’s impossible.”

Me: “I’ve seen the movie twice before, and I know that the middle third is missing.”

Employee: “I don’t see how that is possible, but I’ll try to find out. Come back after the movie is over.”

Me: “Since this is the last time you are showing that movie, I don’t see how this will help, but okay.”

(I went back and hoped that we could at least get a refund. About five minutes before the end credits, the fire alarm went off and our screen was evacuated. Not the whole cinema, but only our screen. I tried to find the person I had spoken to before, but couldn’t, so I tried to explain the situation to the person who seemed to be in charge. Long story short, they didn’t believe me, either. They also said that since the fire alarm wasn’t their fault we wouldn’t get any refunds. At least my friends took my word for it that the movie would have been great and weren’t too angry about the money they had spent.)

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