Thinks He Has The Know-How

| Working | September 27, 2014

(I am an hourly supervisor of a large retail chain, overseeing the checkouts. A gentleman comes up to me to request a manager:)

Gentleman: “I’d like to see a manager.”

Me: “I am a manager, sir. How may I help?”

Gentleman: “I want a manager.”

Me: “Yes, sir. What is this in regards to?”

Gentleman: “I’m not happy with something the company is practicing.”

Me: “Okay. Is it something to do with the registers? Or a policy?”

Gentleman: “I want a manager. I’m not happy with something the company is practicing!”

Me: “Okay, sir. I’ll call a manager up here for you.”

(I call for a manager on the walkie. The manager comes up, talks to the gentleman, and afterwards request to speak to me.)

Manager: “Next time a customer wants to talk to a manager, make sure you know what it’s about!”

Me: “Yes, I asked him multiple ti—”

Manager: “No! Make sure you know! He was upset about the pharmacy, which I couldn’t help him with! YOU just wasted my time! Make sure you know!”

Me: *sighs*

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