Thinking Subjectively Evil Thoughts

| Friendly | May 24, 2016

(My husband and I are in a roleplaying group together. The campaign we are running is potentially years if not decades, if we want, and the character I made is a race that is short-lived, so potentially I could die of old age before the campaign ends. Also, a little backstory with my character is that she is utterly obsessed with books, coming from a background that thinks that words steal your soul. She has risen above that and wants to help educate the world. My character is also good, not evil.)

Me: “Hey, [Husband].”

Husband: “Yes, love?”

Me: “So, there are ways that you can extend your life in the [Campaign], yes?”

Husband: “Yes, several. Did you have one in mind that we can talk to [Dungeon Master] about?”

Me: “Liches have to be evil, don’t they…”

Husband: *chuckling* “Yes. They have to do an unspeakably evil act to become a Lich. I don’t think that would suit [My Character].”

Me: “Well… you know the evil could be subjective.”

Husband: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, it would be evil for my character to destroy books. Doesn’t hurt anyone! Just [My Character]’s soul…”

Husband: *starts laughing*

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