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So You Think You Can Overwork Me And Leave Me To Die?

, , , | Working | September 11, 2017

(My bosses have developed a really bad habit of keeping me past my shift end without saying anything. Even when I ask over the headset for them to come count my drawer, they say they’re coming, and then I wind up staying another hour or two. I wouldn’t mind if they needed me to stay and asked, but they’re just standing around most of the time.)

Me: *over the headset* “I was supposed to clock out an hour ago. Is anyone coming to get my drawer?”

Manager: “[My Name]? What are you still doing here?”

Me: “Working. Come get my drawer so I can go home.”

Coworker: *also over headset* “You could just clock out and leave. They’d figure out pretty quick that no one was back there taking orders or money.”

Me: “No, because then someone could short my drawer, and I’d get in trouble for it.”

(Eventually, I’m allowed to leave, two hours after my shift ended. Tired of them forgetting about me, I decide to be as annoying as possible if my shift is up, to get out on time for once.)

Me: *singing loudly on headset* “I want to break free. I want to break freeeeeeeeee.”

Manager: “Knock it off! I’ll get there when I get there.”


Manager: “Oh my God.”

Me: “Hey, I was supposed to leave half an hour ago. The longer you keep me for no reason, the more annoying I become. GOD KNOWS. GOD KNOWS I WANT TO BREAK FREEEEEEEEE.”

(Next shift, nearly forty-five minutes after I am supposed to clock out:)

Me: *singing over headset* “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide—”


Me: “No escape from reality! Open your eyes, look up to the skies and seeeeeee…”

Manager #2: *changing my drawer and letting me leave* “How long can you keep that up? He’s thinking he can put up with the singing until you stop.”

Me: “I was a band kid. It will never end. I will break out into musicals if I have to.”

(The next shift I belted “Phantom of the Opera.” From then on I was allowed to leave on time.)

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