Think Before You Ink

| Right | February 26, 2017

(I recently got a large tattoo that covers most of my forearm. A customer comes through my line and starts asking me about it.)

Customer: “Nice tattoo!”

Me: “Thank you! I just got it three days ago!”

Customer: “Really? Why isn’t it scabbed up at all?”

Me: “Um… tattoos aren’t really supposed to scab over. Like at all.”

(He then pulls up his sleeve to reveal a huge, black blob that must have been a tattoo at some point.)

Customer: “I got this done 45 years ago, and it was completely scabbed over!”

Me: “Oh, jeez. Well, what did you use to clean it?”

Customer: *looking confused* “What do you mean ‘clean it’?

Me: “…”


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