Think About That For A Minute

, , , , | Right | September 5, 2018

Me: “Okay, so we have a few different plan options. We have a Nation 450-minute plan, a 900-minute plan and an unlimited plan. The 450 and the 900 each come with unlimited night and weekend minutes and unlimited cell to cell calling.”

Customer: “So what are the numbers?”

Me: “The numbers? OH! Well, the 450 in the “Nation 450″ means that there are 450 anytime minutes and the Nation 900 means there are 900 anytime minutes.”

Customer: “So… how many minutes are in your 450 minute plan?”

Me: “I’m sorry? How many minutes are in our 450 minute plan?”

Customer: “Yes. How many minutes are in the 450 minute plan?”

Me: “There are 450 anytime minutes in our 450 minute plan.”

Customer: “Oh. Okay.”

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