Things Are Lining Up Nicely

, , , | Learning | October 10, 2017

(The middle school where I teach likes to ease into things at the beginning of the year, so we don’t get our class lists until the Friday of the first week of school. The days leading up to that day are full of fun activities for students. Usually that means they are quite crazy and chatty, which I fully expect for the first few days, especially since my grade seven class last year was super chatty and had trouble with lining up in the hall. I get my group and we have an activity in the art room first thing.)

Me: “I need a volunteer.”

(A student volunteers.)

Me: “Okay, [Student] is our line leader. He’s going to stand outside, everyone is going to line up single-file behind him, and we’re going to go to art.”

(As my students leave, I grab my supplies and get out there as quickly as I can to meet the students. I’m expecting some chaos, but I emerge outside to all my students lined up perfectly and silently, waiting for me.)

Me: “…”

Students: *waiting patiently*

Me: “What the… all right.”

(They continue this kind of behaviour all day, which is amazing, but throws me off a bit. Later on, one of my older students, who is at the high school, comes to visit and I relay that story to them.)

High-School Student: “The grade tens don’t even do that!”

(So, great job, students I had that day. Sorry if I appeared confused; your awesomeness astounded me!)

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