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Things Are Not Looking Up For Him

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I’m helping to restock our items when our manager notices that we are short in the upstairs department, so [Coworker] takes a cart, stacks it up, and heads to the elevator. Going up is no problem. Coming back down, though, he gets stuck, and the elevator won’t open the doors. We have to wait two hours for the elevator service company to come over to see if they can get him out.

The first thing they ask when they get there is:

Service Staff: “Did you try pressing the ‘Open Doors’ button?”

My coworker is silent for a bit before the doors finally slide open and he’s standing there with a bright red face.

A little later, more of our group have shown up for work, and those that missed it are being told of the epic rescue, while [Coworker] is silently restocking and trying to ignore us.

When the story finally gets to the end, where all he had to do was press the button, he finally speaks up.

Coworker: “Come on, guys! You make it sound like I’m stupid!”

He then went to put an item on a lower rack, slammed his head on the upper rack, and fell flat on his back. This did not help his argument.

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