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Things Are Finally Starting To Add Up

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I am a substitute teacher. I meet over a hundred kids a day. It’s hard to keep track of where I’ve been and who I’ve met. However, kids seem to remember me.

Student: “Hey! Hey! Ms. [My Name]! Remember me?”

Me: “Maybe. When did I meet you?”

Student: “Last week!”

Me: “I covered for eight teachers last week. What class?”

Student: “Math!”

Me: “I covered for several different math teachers. What’s your teacher’s name?”

Student: “Mrs. [Teacher]!”

Me: “She had eight class periods. Which one were you in?”

Student: “Seventh! You still don’t remember me?!”

Me: “Sorry, dude. Any other info?”

Student: “Hm… I got in trouble for sniffing glue and eating lip gloss!”

Me: “[Student]! You! I remember. Nice to see you again.” *Pauses* “Please don’t sniff or eat anything in this class.”

It was a chemistry class. I kept a very close eye on him.

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