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Thin Windows, Thinner Skin

, , , | Working | September 1, 2019

(I’m working in an office and a coworker is having an irate phone call outside. I don’t know who she’s calling, but she is shouting and I can hear everything word for word, even though it’s a private phone call. When she comes back, I want to let her know I could hear everything, just so she knows she shouldn’t shout in front of the office. My intentions are just to help her.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], just so you know, the windows are quite thin. I could hear everything.”

Coworker: “Why are you saying that to me?!”

Me: “Well, I thought you might want to know. If visitors were here, they could hear you, and I’m assuming you wanted to keep this priva—”

Coworker: “Why are you telling me this?! Mind your own business! You know, I can’t deal with this right now!” *storms off*

(She was probably just still in that irate mood, but, okay, fine. Won’t help you again. And nope, she never apologised for yelling at me, either.)

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