Thievery Is On The Cards

, , , | Working | February 20, 2018

(I happen to have a gift card from a bookstore; however, I’m not really sure whether I’ve spent it or not yet, because I’ve had it a long time. Since I need to pick up some things, I just decide to get it checked out in the store.)

Employee: “Hello! Did you find everything okay today?”

Me: “Yeah. Also, can you check how much money is on this gift card for me, please, before you ring me up? I don’t know how much is on here.”

Employee: “Sure.”

(She checks and immediately says it’s empty. After that, she becomes almost hostile, and is adamant on keeping the “empty” gift card.)

Employee: “There’s nothing on it; you should just get rid of it!”

Me: “Um, no, thanks. I’m just going to take it back, please.”

(She hesitated, but gave me the card back, and I bought my things with my own money. When I got home, I tried to see if there was another way to check the card, and there was a number on their website. I called, and the representative told me that there was still $92 on the card. After that, it just seemed like the employee wanted my card for herself. I haven’t been back to that location since.)

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