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They’ve Only Been Used For A Century Or So…

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My classmate and I are X-ray students rotating through a clinical site in the city. If you don’t know anything about getting X-rays, the technologist ALWAYS steps back — usually behind a lead wall — to take the image.

My classmate has just finished imaging an older gentleman.

Classmate: “All righty, sir, you are good to go!”

Gentleman: “Thank you! May I ask why you stepped out of the room to take the pictures?”

Classmate: “Well, you know, with the radiation—”

Gentleman: *Wide-eyed* “There was radiation in there?!”

Classmate: “Y-yes, sir. That’s what X-rays are.”

Gentleman: *Still surprised* “I’m telling my wife about this!”

My classmate walks the gentleman back to the waiting room where his wife is.

Gentleman: “[Wife]! Did you know there is radiation in X-rays?!”

Wife: *Pauses to process* “You IDIOT.” *To my classmate* “I’m so sorry about him.” *To her husband* “Let’s go, dear.”

She proceeded to drag him out.

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