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They’ve Never Heard Of A Towel?

, , , | Right | November 23, 2021

I work for the call center of my local credit union.

Member: “My credit card isn’t working. I think I need a new one.”

Me: “That’s not a problem. First, I’d like to troubleshoot the issue to see if a new card is required.”

We go through the normal authentication process.

Me: “Well, I can’t find any problems internally with the card; there aren’t any blocks, holds, or restrictions, nor are there any declined transactions that I can find. Typically, that either means that there is a problem with the card itself or with the merchant that you are trying to use the card with. Have you tried it at multiple places?”

Member: “Yes, and it didn’t work anywhere I tried it. I’ve even tried swiping it instead of chipping it.”

Me: “Can you see any damage to the card?”

Member: “Yes, my card is a bit warped, and the chip is a bit black. It’s looked that way ever since I microwaved it.”

I’m silent for a minute while I process what I just heard and hope that they didn’t say what I think they said.

Me: “I’m sorry, you did what to the card?!”

Member: “Oh, I microwaved the card! I dropped it in the sink by mistake, so it got wet, and I put it in the microwave to dry it off!”

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