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They’ve Been Lobby-tomized

, , , | Right | December 4, 2017

(I work in a hotel.)

Customer: *takes sip of coffee from pot in lobby, sneers* “Coffee’s cold!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but there will be another pot made soon.”

Customer: “You should always have coffee. Always!

Me: “We are not a coffee shop; we are a hotel, with all due respect, sir.”

Customer:Always have coffee, hot and ready. Always. You have it listed on your website!”

Me: *snaps* “Sir, let me go now to our website and print out the list of our amenities.” *prints* “As you can see, there is no free coffee in the lobby 24/7. We put some out, out of kindness to you. It’s not required, and you are not paying for it.”

Customer: *sputtering, looking at paper* “I’ll be reporting your rudeness to your manager! Bunch of crooks!” *storms off*

Me: “My rudeness or my correctness?”

(He did report me to my manager, calling me rude and a smarta**. Good thing I warned my manager about it beforehand.)

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

I have a story to share!